Practice Areas


Human Resource Management

In SMME’s, Human Resources Capacity Inter–national act as sparring partner for owners and directors of the company with regard to use and development of human capital in the most effective and efficient way. We Provide HRM practices in areas of recruitment, selection and promotion of managers and staff. Offer services in the area of registration and accreditation with SETA’s and SETA administration. In larger organisations, Human Resources Capacity International support line managers, HR Managers and professionals in areas of staff planning, organisational change, diversity and culture management.


Human Resource Development

Supports organisations with training and development for their staff, linked to changes in strategy, work methods and future requirements of their customers.

Employee and Labour Relations

Employee relations consist of all those areas of human resource management that involve relationships with employees – directly and /or through collective agreements where trade unions are recognised.

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The company provides expert Employment Equity solutions and Dispute Resolution through a range of offerings such as Strategic planning & managing employment relations objectives, Preparing & Training of EE Committees, Chairing Independent Dispute enquiries, Preparing Executives for representation at the CCMA / Bargaining Councils and acting as company representative in salary and wage negotiations.

Organisational Behaviour

To manage people effectively, it is necessary to understand the factors that affect how people behave at work. HR Capacity International evaluates employees by determining factors such as individual differences, attitudes, influences on behaviour, attribution theory, orientation and role clarification through its people and psychometric methodology and assessment.

Organisational Development

Organisations are not static things. Changes are constantly taking place in the business itself, the environment in which the business operates and in the people who work in the business. HR Capacity International will optimize the arrangements for conducting the affairs of business through a range of benchmarked interventions to realise optimal organisational development.